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Every day, you think about the big decisions—balancing what's best for your team and for your business. Your health insurance should be the same way.

You want a proven partner. Relationships built over 80 years. Acceptance at 98% of U.S. hospitals. And a synchronized approach that connects your team to the care they need.

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Welcome to Synchronized Care


Your business relies on thousands of people. Every one unique. Our business is to make sure they all get the right care at the right cost.

By synchronizing care, we surround each member with the monitoring support and reminders they need. Even better, we use our data and yours to recommend specific programs, improvements, and savings opportunities. Because we believe that's how care works best.

If you haven't already, check out our synchronized care brochure to learn more.
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Featured Content

Empower Your Team

Employees have more questions than ever. This toolkit helps you encourage them to create their online member account and see every detail of their plan.

Excellus Service Offering: Medical


Excellus Service Offering: Pharmacy


Nineteen on-staff pharmacists working with 15 full-time doctors plus our entire provider network to monitor prescriptions, prevent dangerous drug interactions, and reduce costs.

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Excellus Service Offering: Dental


Dental issues can cause big problems for your organization. With flexible plans and a strong network of dentists, your team can be more proactive about care—and productive.

For HR Managers

For Your Team
Excellus Service Offering: Wellness


Our certified wellness consultants work with you and your organization's data to develop the right strategies for your employees and culture.

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Excellus Service Offering: Stop Loss Insurance

Stop Loss Insurance

If your organization is self-insured, one catastrophic illness or event can jeopardize your entire business. We have the programs and timely reimbursements to protect you.

For HR Managers
Excellus Service Offering: Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Health insurance administration is complicated. Simplify your life and keep your costs under control with services from our partner, Lifetime Benefit Solutions.

For HR Managers

For Your Team

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